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Secure your daughter's future with the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) - a government-backed savings scheme in India. Avail attractive interest rates and tax benefits while ensuring long-term financial stability for your girl child. Learn more about SSY eligibility, benefits, and how to open an account today.

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Fixed interest rate of 8.2% per annum (As of 2024)

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Hello, dear parents and guardians! Today, we're going on a magical journey to discover a treasure chest called Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY). It's like a secret garden where you plant seeds (money) and watch them grow into big, beautiful trees (savings) for your daughter's future. Let's dig in!

What is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana?

Imagine if you had a piggy bank that grew bigger and bigger over time. The government has created a special kind of piggy bank called Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana just for your daughters. It helps you save money for their education and marriage, and the best part? This piggy bank gives you extra money as a gift (interest) every year!

  • For Whom? Girls under 10 years old.
  • How Much Can You Save? From ₹250 up to ₹1.5 lakh every year.
  • When Does It Mature? After 21 years or when your daughter gets married after turning 18.

How to Open an SSY Account?

Opening an SSY account is as easy as getting a new notebook for school. You just need a few things:

  • Your daughter's birth certificate.
  • Your ID and address proof.
  • A little bit of money to start (as little as ₹250).

You can open this account at nearby banks or post offices, You'll need to fill out FORM-1, the application to open an SSY account. Just like choosing a new book, you can pick where to start your savings journey!

Interest Rates: The Growing Magic!

Imagine planting a seed and watching it grow a little bit every day. That's how interest works in SSY. The government decides how much extra money (interest rate) your savings will earn each year. It's like the sun and water for your savings plant!

Here's a table showing how the interest rates have changed:

Interest Rates for SSY (Dec 2014 - Mar 2024)
Time PeriodInterest Rate
Dec 2014 - Mar 20159.1%
Apr 2015 - Mar 20169.2%
Apr 2016 - Sep 20168.6%
Oct 2016 - Mar 20178.5%
Apr 2017 - Jun 20178.4%
Jul 2017 - Dec 20178.3%
Jan 2018 - Sep 20188.1%
Oct 2018 - Jun 20198.5%
Jul 2019 - Mar 20208.4%
Apr 2020 - Mar 20237.6%
Apr 2023 - Dec 20238%
Jan 2024 - Mar 20248.2%

You need to water your plant regularly, right? Similarly, you need to put money into your SSY account every year. But don't worry! If you forget, there's a small penalty, and you can continue saving.

For Education and Marriage

When your daughter grows up and needs money for college or her wedding, you can withdraw some money from the SSY account. You can take out half of the savings for her education once she turns 18.

SSY Returns Calculation

Want to know how much your savings can grow? Here's a simple way to check:

  1. Use Our SSY Calculator: Just tell us how much you plan to save every year, and our calculator will show you how much money you'll have in the end.

Let's say you save ₹1,000 every month in your SSY account. At the end of the year, you have saved ₹12,000. With the magic of interest, this amount grows every year, and by the time the account matures, you'll be surprised at how much it has grown!


By saving in the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, you're building a castle of dreams for your daughter. Whether she wants to become a scientist, an artist, or an astronaut, your savings today will help her reach the stars tomorrow.